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Increase your value proposition 
Save time and money
Stickier customer facing website
Increase conversion rates
Generate leads passively
Instant transportation pricing engine
Arrange the transport online
Customer sees full landed price 
Roll up the cost into financing deal
Multiple service levels in real time
Improves customer service

Flexible billing
Built into total price or a separate bill
Custom end user experience 
Matches your website look and feel

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e-DealerDirect is an automotive auction marketplace for pre-approved dealers. Using our API solution e-DealerDirect has built out a workflow for their website so that the cost of shipping a vehicle is calculated and integrated into the total cost of the vehicle.  e-DealerDirect collects the shipping fee as part of the overall transaction for the sale of the vehicle and ShipYourCarNow invoices e-DealerDirect upon delivery.

321ignition creates high-end mobile-first websites for their dealership clients where consumers can get pre-approved, access trade-in values, arrange for purchase and ship a vehicle, all online! ShipYourCarNow API has enabled them to create a seamless end-user experience that was never possible before. Customer is given multiple shipping options with different service levels. ShipYourCarNow is the fulfillment partner and all customer service for the transport of the vehicle is managed by ShipYourCarNow.
Drivably helps Dealers obtain the right inventory at the right time via wholesale channels.  With the help of ShipYourCarNow IATS platform Drivably is able to provide a seamless solution to their customers with vehicle pricing which includes delivery fees.  This solution saves time and money while improving customer experience and efficiency.  ShipYourCarNow fulfills the transportation process behind the scenes to pre-defined performance objectives.
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Indy Auto Man has been expanding their footprint beyond the typical brick and mortar operation to a virtual experience.  To provide a trusted shipping option for their customers Indy Auto Man has integrated ShipYourCarNow IATS via the embedded iFrame page which is customized with special pricing options and customizations just for Indy Auto Man.  This point and click integration is the simplest method to incorporate instant transportation pricing option, only from ShipYourCarNow IATS.  Ship Your Car Now button is available on every vehicle page so that the customer can get instant price quote and book their shipping without ever leaving the Dealer's website.
As an Approved Partner of CDKGlobal ShipYourCarNow has worked with CDK team to develop a custom transportation pricing solution for their network of more than 9,000 dealerships.  The solution is deployable with a simple button click via the CDK App Store.  Dealerships receive the benefit of instant pricing and booking of transport for their customer, as well as lead generation from this low-friction input form which is instantly sent to the Dealership's sales pipeline.  Benefit of the solution can be instantly seen and tracked in the Dealership's CDK dashboard .


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